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Neville In WWE

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Printed Date: 21/April/2018 at 22:24
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Topic: Neville In WWE
Posted By: admin
Subject: Neville In WWE
Date Posted: 11/October/2017 at 15:01
Quote There have been rumors going around on Tuesday that former Cruiserweight Champion Neville requested his release from WWE on Monday. As noted, Neville was initially scheduled to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event lumberjack match on Raw this week. However, plans changed to Kalisto defeating Amore for the title.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that the reason the plans were changed is due to Neville walking out before the show. Satin would point out that an account using the handle @WrestleVotes tweeted today saying Neville quit. According to Satin, there is some truth in that claim.

In an update, has been able to confirm that Neville did walk out of Raw before the show began and that his future is up in the air. WWE has officially denied that he quit the promotion.

It should be noted that Neville did not appear on WWE 205 Live on Tuesday night and his profile remains on the WWE website as of this writing.

I did wonder where he was. It will be a shame if he's annoyed enough to quit, as he's been used really well so he can't complain at booking.
205 lost Aries and so if Neville ends up leaving it would show that getting over on 205 gets you away from the company instead of to a better show.
Maybe his contract is close to being up so that's why they took the title off him and he thinks he can earn more on the indys?


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 11/October/2017 at 19:01
So if he's quit I wonder why? Perhaps he's annoyed that he worked so hard as the top guy in 205 Live getting his heel persona over and producing decent matches only for the Cruiserweight division to still be treated as a after-thought, then Enzo comes along and all of a sudden the Cruiserweights are in the main event spot on Raw.

Neville is a incredible in ring talent and I've felt for a while he deserves better than 205 Live, he could at least be a solid upper mid-card act.

I really hope he hasn't quit but he would be able to make a very good living on the indies with his name value and prior Indy reputation, he would be a top draw.


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 11/October/2017 at 19:20
These cruiserweight division decisions lately have been bizarre to me. Guess we better put Enzo on watch list now eh?


Posted By: #Heel
Date Posted: 11/October/2017 at 19:25
Originally posted by Rico Len Rico Len wrote:

These cruiserweight division decisions lately have been bizarre to me. Guess we better put Enzo on watch list now eh?

I agree and if he has quit i think that should really be that for 205 live 

It would be interesting to know why hes quit - my guess is that he feels he should be on the main shows as opposed to in the 205 division and part of my reason for thinking that was when Enzo used the fact hes been in the third hour twice and also the fact he requested the title defense was in the main event

Like adders said - hes been booked well in the matches hes worked - for me it can only be that hes unhappy at not being on the main shows


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 11/October/2017 at 19:36
Maybe he got a look at his future booking?

I mean if he was told: "We don't have any plans for you anymore" then on top of everything else I could definitely see that as reason enough to want to go.

I suppose not only Enzo should be on the watch list but Kalisto too. lol


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 13/October/2017 at 07:47
Despite the lack of interest in 205 Live Neville has emerged as a standout talent and showed previously unseen personality in his heel role, he was the highlight of the Cruiserweight division but his matches were still booked as pre-show offerings mostly.

Then Enzo comes along as alll of a sudden 205 Live features in the Raw main event. Maybe this was just a eye opener for Neville and perhaps his future booking called for him to put Enzo over.

I think it would have been smart to have Neville lose to Enzo again but then move him to Smackdown away from the Cruiserweights and push him as a strong mid-card talent.


Posted By: #Heel
Date Posted: 14/October/2017 at 15:57
Quote  Regarding Neville's WWE status, sources have confirmed that he walked out of Monday's RAW in Indianapolis before the show hit the air. The plan was for Neville to lose to WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore in the non-title Lumberjack main event. The match ended up having Enzo drop the title to Kalisto.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Neville walked out when he learned of the loss he was to take. This was a last minute decision made by Vince McMahon, reportedly because no one could come up with a better idea at the last minute, they put the title on Kalisto instead of having Enzo defeat another cruiserweight. The Observer adds that the current plan is to get the title back on Enzo. The title change could come at the October 22nd TLC pay-per-view when Enzo receives his rematch.

Neville's status with the company is still up in the air but it's believed that he's gone. One source close to the situation insists that he's 100% gone. As noted yesterday, WWE is officially denying that he quit and the official word is that he's still with the company. His profile remains on the WWE website as of this writing but we will keep you updated.

Seems very much like he has gone if these close sources are to believe

Its a shame really because he has been one of the standout performers within the whole of WWE lately

Hes obviously not happy with the direction of either the division or his character - im not sure where he will get the same level of coverage - yes he could go to TNA and probably have multiple title runs but he isnt going to get the mainstream coverage or money that hell be getting within WWE


Posted By: Rico Len
Date Posted: 14/October/2017 at 17:48
I wonder if he's going to get the CM Punk treatment from the fans??? I mean, I really don't see how this is any different from what CM Punk did.

For the record, I lean towards favoring CM Punk in his departure... Example: 

Where 5 is neutral, 1 is completely in favor of CM Punk, and 10 is completely in favor of the WWE, I'm at about a 3.5

As far as Neville is concerned I'm at about a 4 right now.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 14/October/2017 at 22:11
See I'd favour WWE on both occasions.....

CM Punk was a indie mark deep down who felt he should be main eventing Wrestlemania with guys like Daniel Bryan, he hated that WWE pushed guys like Roman Reigns and hated even more that the best spots went to part-timers like The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

What annoyed me about Punk was he whined and complained about stuff that has been happening in WWE for years and will continue to happen, the big name stars are proven draws and all things considered he had a very good hall of fame WWE career and had little to complain about. He just sulked because they have what he felt should be his Wrestlemania pay day to guys like The Rock and Brock Lesnar.

I think there is more to this Neville story, he may not have had the best of times so far but it's not been all bad, the Cruiserweight division and 205 Live is the equivalent of the Divas division before the four horsewomen came along, but he was pushed as the clear star of it and he had a decent run in NXT prior to that. Plus it's still early days in his WWE career, I'm sure once he'd run his course with the Cruiserweights he could easily have moved to a nice steady upper mid-card spot and maybe even be placed in a headlining spot on occasion if only for his ability to always have a great match.


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 14/November/2017 at 10:52

Neville could be staying with the WWE after all.

It’s been well documented that the former" rel="nofollow - Cruiserweight Champion was initially scheduled to lose to Enzo Amore in the main event lumberjack match on Raw in mid-October. However, plans changed to Kalisto wrestling Amore when Neville never showed up to TV that week. WWE has officially denied that he quit the promotion.

At the time, it was reported that Neville was frustrated by the direction of his character, the lack of pay-offs and the rough WWE life on the road. The former WWE" rel="nofollow - Cruiserweight Champion has reportedly been “miserable in WWE” since January of this year. It’s been reported that Neville had pushed for his WWE release with the idea of working the indies and making a name for himself there.

In an update, PWinsider is reporting that there have been recent positive discussions between Neville and the sports" rel="nofollow - entertainment company. There is a belief among some that Neville could actually be returning to action for WWE before the end of the month. It’s also possible that he could return as soon as this week.

Glad it's worked out, but he does need to stop being such a moany bitch when he's had it so good.
After dropping the title I would have promoted him to a better brand. But because of his ball home behaviour I hope his return is back to 205 Live.
He needs to at least have the original fued with Enzo considering he's not had his title rematch yet.


Posted By: ihatethatmonkee
Date Posted: 14/November/2017 at 11:50
another guy who could really do with a mouthpiece.

he could have been okay in the US or IC picture, but if he's not prepared to do the job, he shouldn't get rewarded at all, and the fact that he skipped the taping would, if I were a promotor, be a major issue that would stop me booking him. it's not like he's going to bring in huge numbers anyway.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 15/November/2017 at 09:03
I think this was a case of he got a bit moody due to not getting his slice of Wrestlemania royalties due to being on the pre-show and then that combined with maybe a bit of a ego over his fairly low position on the card. Then I think someone who had left WWE or someone thinking about it got in his ear about the money he can make on the indie circuit as well as the freedom he’d have with his booking as well as being seen as a big star. Then when he was told he’d be jobbing to Enzo Amore by this point a now very pissed off Neville just saw red and stormed out.

Thankfully it seems he’s cooled off. I know many including myself see the Cruiserweights as toilet break tv but he was booked as the clear star of the division for a long time and it gave him the chance to show he could excel in a heel role. Think it was pretty clear he would be moved back to the heavyweight division eventually only this time with an enhanced status thanks to his performances as a Cruiserweight. He should have seen his loss to Enzo as perhaps the beginning of that as once he was done with that feud perhaps that would be his time to head back to the heavyweights, I’ve always said a move to Smackdown would have been good for Neville to distance himself from 205 Live.

Whatever the reasons I’m glad it’s looking likely he’ll be staying. He’s a great in ring talent one of the best in the world, and he’s now showed he does have some personality as well. WWE shouldn’t be letting him walk away easily.


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 28/December/2017 at 22:36
Quote With the WWE giving Hideo Itami Neville’s Rings of Saturn finisher, it’s believed that this is a sign that talks of a return between Neville and WWE are more or less dead.

Itami had been using the Go to Sleep, but after" rel="nofollow - Brian Kendrick was injured by the move on RAW, Itami used the submission finish on 205 Live the next night. The hold is the same that Neville had been using during his heel run in the" rel="nofollow - cruiserweight division .
Or because the move was a Perry Saturn move, it's not linked to anybody inparticular.
Or so if Neville returns he's got a ready made fued going after the guy that pinched 'his' move.
Just because Itami used in one match a move recently used by someone else, doesn't mean to me that Neville is definiately not coming back.


Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 29/December/2017 at 10:56
Does seem folk are jumping to conclusions here, the move was used by Neville while he was working heel because his red arrow finisher is too crowd pleasing, this could be a indication he is set to return as a face? On the other hand as Admin said there’s no reason why both guys couldn’t use the move and it acts as a heat building device for a feud.

I hope Neville stays in WWE, he’s far too talented for them to just let him slip away.


Posted By: Tom Colohue
Date Posted: 29/December/2017 at 12:44
I pretty much agree with the last two posts. Yes he's been stopped from using the GTS, for now, without being fined but the Rings of Saturn is just an available finisher. Submission finishers are much more heel anyway. 

I do expect Neville to return, but on Smackdown. That said, having a ready made feud seems a likely scenario too. Neville could put Itami over by way of apology and then move to Smackdown in the post mania shake up. 

Vince likes giving people losses as their way of saying sorry. Sends a message to the competition.

Tom Colohue - Wrestling Journalist (PWTorch)
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Posted By: Fletch
Date Posted: 29/December/2017 at 13:07
Originally posted by Tom Colohue Tom Colohue wrote:

I pretty much agree with the last two posts. Yes he's been stopped from using the GTS, for now, without being fined but the Rings of Saturn is just an available finisher. Submission finishers are much more heel anyway. 

I do expect Neville to return, but on Smackdown. That said, having a ready made feud seems a likely scenario too. Neville could put Itami over by way of apology and then move to Smackdown in the post mania shake up. 

Vince likes giving people losses as their way of saying sorry. Sends a message to the competition.

And really Neville can’t say that’s not fair. Whatever his reasons he effectively took his ball and went home forcing re-writes of planned storylines, not to mention breaching his contract.

So if they can work out terms for a return I think putting over Itami would be a fair shake before he then switches to Smackdown in a upper card position hopefully as a babyface, much as I enjoyed Neville’s heel work and it showed personality I didn’t realise he had, he’s a natural face with his flashy high flying crowd pleasing ring style.


Posted By: admin
Date Posted: 10/January/2018 at 22:22
Quote WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore recently spoke with" rel="nofollow - The Sun out of the U.K. about Neville's WWE traveling schedule and in-ring abilities. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On Neville as a performer and his crazy travel schedule:

"Neville is one of my favorite pros in the business. He carried NXT with that title and was a tag-team champion there. Then he worked the 205 division with the hardest schedule in silence, he was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then Mondays and Tuesdays. When guys were catching red-eye flights from the west coast after Raw, Neville was driving on to the next town or taking an early morning flight. It's the hardest schedule in pro wrestling because you are closing out 205 [Live] at the end of the week. I hope Neville comes back and we feud. I have never seen a guy work like he does."

On what Neville is like in the ring:

"He might move better than anyone has ever moved in a ring – like the Dynamie Kid. I have seen him tear it up in matches that no one will ever see – absolute bangers – I would love to move around with him because that dude can dance."

Big praise to Neville and well deserved when you look at the schedule he had.
All that travel is one thing, but then his nights will have been very late from 205 Live airing at a silly time.
It would be nice to think he could be a surprise Rumble entrant.


Posted By: 205 Clive
Date Posted: 15/January/2018 at 08:45
Neville was my personal MVP for 2017. Consistently had a match of the PPV contender, character work was spot on every single week. And he helped elevate the lesser recognised talents in the "challanger of the month" format that was used during his reign.

A great great guy!!!!!

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