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World Wrestling Elite: Takeover-Montreal

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Topic: World Wrestling Elite: Takeover-Montreal
Posted By: HBKDX97
Subject: World Wrestling Elite: Takeover-Montreal
Date Posted: 14/February/2020 at 00:15
All match announcements are as follows:

Ladder Match for the Vacant WWE Heavyweight Championship:

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels


"The Demon King" Finn Balor


Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 14/February/2020 at 00:23
Tag Team Match for the Vacant WWE Tag Team Championships:

The Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson)

Managed by:

James E. Cornette


The British Bulldogs (The Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) 
Managed by:

Ozzy Osbourne


Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 14/February/2020 at 00:35
Two out of Three Falls Exhibition Match:

"The King of Strong Style" Shinsuke Nakamura


"Tiger Mask II" Mitsuhara Misawa


Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 14/February/2020 at 01:22
Strap Match for the Vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship:

"The Bad Guy" Razor Ramon


"The Viper" Randy Orton


Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 14/February/2020 at 04:10
For my mid draft review of what you have so far...

First of all; kudos for taking Ozzy and putting him with the Bulldogs. You know how much I love WrestleMania 2 and this added touch gives this card a WrestleMania 2 feel. 

Shawn against Balor... wow. This is obviously amazing. These two are similar in a lot of ways. I say this because while there will surely be a lot of dazzling and high flying moves in the match; Shawn and Finn are both the farthest thing from a spot monkey as you can imagine. Neither of them flip for the sake of flipping; every move they do has a psychological reason in the match. And you add the fact that it's a Ladder Match (which obviously Shawn is used to) it will surely be beyond entertaining. 

The Revival against the Bulldogs is a very good matchup that will have the kind of wrestling I like. The Revival are my favorite tag team to watch in modern times and the Bulldogs are one of my favorites from the 80's. The Revival want to be taken as serious wrestlers and this match will do it for them. 

Nakamura vs the second Tiger Mask will be a very good mix of strong style with aerial maneuvers. I'll be entertained for sure. 

Razor Ramon vs Randy Orton is a good match up that makes sense. Both have a level of cunningness to them to match their in ring skill. Although I have never been gaga about strap matches. 

Overall you have a very good card so far. 


Posted By: HBKDX97
Date Posted: 19/February/2020 at 09:37
Submission Match

"The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne


"King of the Cruiserweights" Neville

Texas Tornado Exhibition Tag Match

Stan Hansen and "Bam Bam" Terry Gordy


War Machine (Hansen and Rowe)

Triple Threat Exhibition Match

"The Man of 1,000 Holds" Dean Malenko


Perry Saturn


Jeff Cobb


Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 19/February/2020 at 09:46
Bruiserweight vs Cruiserwight King is a good pairing and this will be a good match for sure. Both are very similar in that while they can be mobile, each at the same time have a rough edge. This could be a very entertaining match. I can see it going long even without the submission stipulation. But as neither will want to quit it could be one to remember.         


Posted By: LennyComa
Date Posted: 16/March/2020 at 13:10
Dunne vs Pac - Amazing. Want to see so badly

Razor vs Randy - If both guys are putting on their A game this will be a great match.

Shinsuke vs Tiger Mask - Possible MoTN. I can see this being a belter

The Revival vs Bull dogs - Great paring and you drafted one of the teams I was after forcing me to change my tag match completly. I can see this being a great match and with Ozzy just being Ozzy at ringside it would make memories for sure. 

HBK vs Finn - Amazing Pairing I would pay to see this no doubt.

We bashed the door in. The bad guy was a dick. I shot him

Posted By: Kondor
Date Posted: 27/March/2020 at 14:54
Full card review: 

My favorite match of yours, and the one I would want to see most, is Shawn Michaels vs Finn Balor in a Ladder Match. These are two of the finest pure wrestlers whom are also two of the most amazing athletes to start with. But anyone who has not been under a rock for 25 years knows that Shawn has proven himself in a Ladder Match, with Balor no doubt also fully capable of utilizing the ladder both as a launching pad and possibly as a weapon just as Shawn can. The moments in this match can be tremendous. This is obviously one of the top matches this whole season.  

I do like The Revival against the Bulldogs, for several reasons. The Bulldogs are one of the best teams from the 80's; I still list their matches with the Hart Foundation as some of the greatest tag team matches I ever saw. They have one of the best combinations ever of technical wrestling with aerial moves. The Revival, meanwhile, are a modern day throwback to a serious old school tag team. Plus of course both of these teams are actually well functioning teams with that all important tag team continuity. In my mid draft review, I gave you kudos for putting Ozzy in The Bulldogs' corner. You know how much I love WrestleMania 2. You have since added Jim Cornette to the Revival's corner; which is a fitting place. This should be a very good tag team match up. 

The more I think about it, the more I like your triple threat of Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, and Jeff Cobb. Malenko and Saturn will match each other well in wrestling technique; while Saturn can match Cobb's suplexes. I can also see Malenko's and Saturn's skill making Cobb's strength advantage irrelevant. I do consider both Malenko and Saturn to be massively underrated. To be honest, while I would prefer Malenko and Saturn one on one, this match still has my interest. 

You have what Gorilla Monsoon used to call a "doozy" in Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy against The War Machine. We all know Hansen & Gordy are two of the toughest ever. While I would put War Machine a notch below in the "toughness" department; they (as the Revival) seem to have the old school style to go toe to toe with them. War Machine are a tad more aerial; but Hansen & Gordy have seen it all and know how to either counter that or withstand the aerial attack. You have a very good match that could get violent; which I'm sure is the idea. Wink I like it.  

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tiger Mask II; I am iffy on what I have seen from Nakamura in recent years; but of course this isn't the WWE version of Nakamura we would be getting (well, your organization is called WWE but, you know what I mean.) He won't be encumbered by having to conform to the damned "WWE style." This will allow him to be his true self. Thus this is an encounter that has the potential to be both high flying and stiff at the same time. I should enjoy this match. 

As I said when you first posted it, Pete Dunne vs Adrian Neville is a good pairing, as both are so similar in the way they move around the ring. Plus both have that rough and rugged mean streak within them at the same time. Plus this is a submission match; and both would die before they submit. You have made a good match up here. 

Razor Ramon vs Randy Orton as I said in my mid draft review is a good pairing as both are similar in style, size, and cunningness. I would prefer to see a regular match between these two but the strap match stipulation can add an extra element if the strap is used as a weapon. 

Overall you have a good card with one outstanding match, three very intriguing matches, and four matches that have the potential to be very good. How I would go with my Ticket Wars ticket depends on who your matched up against.   



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